MindMasters Hypnotherapy in Manchester, Ramsbottom & Barrowford 

Manchester Ramsbottom hypnotherapy

Adel Houten  (DipAdvHyp. Master SQHP)

Take the first steps to making that change and give me a call.  Using special, advanced techniques such as advanced hypnotherapy, EFT and NLP I have been helping people to make significant, fast changes since 2004 and have a wealth of experience and success.   

MindMasters Hypnotherapy is based within 3 professional clinics around the Northwest - the Cordoba Clinic, based within the Sorrel Bank Doctors Surgery in Salford, Vitality+ in Ramsbottom and Barrowford Clinic in Barrowford near Burnley and Pendle area.  Master Hypnotherapist Adel Houten specialises in Weight loss hypnotherapy and stopping smoking with hypnosis. I can help you make permanent changes, there really is no need to continue 'putting up' with the way things are. I only use the most advanced techniques, I can help you stop smoking for good in just one session!  Typically for other issues 1 - 5 sessions would be necessary.  I give you all the tools you need to enable you to keep session numbers to a minimum. 

Call me now on 07969 653 747 or email adel@mindmasters.co.uk

"Adel has changed my life! I initially arranged to meet with her to help me to overcome what I thought was a small issue and now, I am a totally different person. I feel like I have shed a heavy skin, which had burdened me for over 15 years and have become me again. This has been a life changing experience for me and I cannot thank Adel enough for her calming influence and exemplary hypnosis skills"

C.Tonge, Manchester

 Choosing the Right Therapist

When seeking a hypnotherapist it is extremely important that you are comfortable working with them.  Not being at ease with your chosen hypnotherapist can be counter productive to change.  For this reason I offer a FREE no obligation consultation giving you a chance to ask any questions about hypnotherapy, EFT and NLP and the route we may take to your desired outcome.  It is also an opportunity to meet your Hypnotherapist in person.  I am often asked 'does hypnotherapy work?' my answer is always YES, as long as you want to be in hypnosis and you follow the instructions given.  Hypnotherapy is a wonderful tool to bring about permanent change in a very short space of time.  If you are curious about hypnotherapy, or wondering how it feels to be in hypnosis, why not just give me a call and I can answer all your questions and see how I can help you. For hypnotherapy in Barrowford, visit the Barrowford Clinic. I operate from clinics in Salford, Barrowford and Ramsbottom.  

Call me now on 07969 653 747 or fill in the contact form and I will contact you.


 Do you have Healthcare Insurance cover?  Adel holds the required accreditation for many healthcare companies such as HealthShield, WestField Health.  Check with your healthcare Insurance provider to see if you can claim back the cost of your treatment. 

Contact NOW for a FREE Consultation on 07969 653 747 OR adel@mindmasters.co.uk

Hypnosis is a completely natural state and one that people experience on a daily basis. Combine this relaxed mind state with a purpose for change and you have hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy, especially the advanced hypnotherapy is outstanding for help with losing weight, stopping smoking, anxiety and much more.  If you are considering using hypnotherapy to help you achieve your outcome, and looking for a hypnotherapist to help you to stop smoking or lose weight call Master Hypnotherapist Adel Rawlinson now to find out more about how MindMasters hypnotherapy in Manchester can help you. 

Contact Master Hypnotherapist Adel Rawlinson now for a Free consultation at one of her clinics in Salford, Ramsbottom, Bury, and Barrowford on 07969 653 747

NHS Independant Healthcare Provider Code:  AJD01

Cordoba Clinic, (Sorrel Bank Doctors), 25 Bolton Road, Salford, M6 7HL

Barrowford Clinic, 5-6 Cromwell Terrace, Barrowford, Nelson, BB9 8PT

Vitality+, 41 Bolton Street, Ramsbottom, BL0 9HE 

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Adel consults from a number of clinics across the North West.  Easily accessible from Manchester City Centre,  Salford,Bury and Burnley and Clitheroe areas.


"I am a self confessed chocoholic and I have struggled all my life with this. Since visiting Adel I don't eat chocolate, I don't even think about it, ever, so have no need to eat any. Adel has made losing weight very easy for me. I wish I had met her years ago to stop the yoyo dieting that I have done for 30 years."   Joanne, Eccles


"I had 3 sessions with Adel and even after the 1st session i felt like a different person, I was going through a really bad point in my life and felt like all my problems were putting me down but with the help of Adel ive managed to get rid of them and im so happy. I've even managed to give up smoking completely!  Thanks again Adel."  Terence, Salford


"I cannot believe I quit after one session!  Having smoked for over 50 years I am amazed at how easy it was, not a single craving!   Bev, Nelson  

For hypnotherapy in  Salford, Manchester, Hypnotherapy in Ramsbottom, and Hypnotherapist in Barrowford contact Hypnotherapist Adel Rawlinson can be contacted on 07969 653 747 

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