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Suffering with Stress, Anxiety or Depression?

You're not alone! 

Current research suggests that as many as one in four people will suffer from a diagnosable mental health condition at some point in their life.

Clinical Hypnotherapy can help in just a few sessions!

Even after the first session you should feel better within yourself and more able to cope with the stress and anxiety felt daily.

Adel Houten has helped hundreds of people not only cope with the symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression, but to also get rid of them completely!  Life should not be spent using coping mechanisms and techniques, it should be lived!  You were not born with it and you shouldn't have to live with it.  with this in mind, using a variety of powerful techniques we look at where the emotional issues first started dealing with it at the root cause.

What is Anxiety?

When someone feels anxiety, there is a 'perceived' subconscious threat which triggers off the 'fight or flight' response.  This is turn releases chemicals into the body which over time can lower the immune system and in acute cases result in symptoms associated with panic attacks such as heart raising, sweats and palpitations - even fainting.

It is important to get to the root of WHY the subconscious is going into 'threat' mode.  There is always a reason.  (Read case history to the right)

When not treated, anxiety may get worse and eventually lead to panic attacks, depression and illness.  Many people take medication to 'tranquilise' the negative thoughts and emotions, but the tablets do not deal with the issue, they simply mask it.  

The issue lies in the subconscious mind, and as a hypnotherapist I deal with the subconscious mind.  Hypnosis has been used successfully to treat anxiety, stress and depression as it deals with the problem direct at the source.

As an experienced and skilled hypnotherapist I can help you to unlock the root of the anxiety and panic attacks and help your subconscious to release the negative thoughts and behaviours. 

If you would like to know more about why you may be experiencing anxiety, or panic attacks and like to be free from them, please get in touch. I offer a free consultation at clinics in Salford Manchester, in Ramsbottom, Bury and in Barrowford, near Burnley.

Case History Example

A lady came to see me for help with public speaking.  She would have a panic attack for days prior to having to do a presentation for work.  Her subconscious mind was perceiving a danger and even though consciously she knew that she was more than capable, her subconscious did everything it could to take her away from the situation.  Under regression, she remembered that when she was 6 years old, she was asked to collect a certificate at school assembly.  She thought her name had been read out and preceded to the front to collect it, however, it wasn't her turn and her class mates laughed.  That stuck with her, and every time she was asked to 'stand up in front of her peers' the younger child inside her triggered the same feelings she felt back then.  By bringing conscious awareness to this memory, and with some inner child healing she was able to completely get over the issue and became a confident, relaxed presenter. 

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Adel Houten is an experienced, professional Clinical Hypnotherapist based in the North West of England, UK.  She specialises in hypnosis for stress, panic attacks, anxiety and depression and holds clinics in central Manchester City centre, Barrowford near Burnley as well as via the Internet worldwide.

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Don't live locally?

No problem! I help people from all over the world from Australia to Germany!  With the advent of technology many issues can be resolved using Skype or Zoom.  There is no need for distance to be a barrier to you getting help from your chosen Therapist.  I can help with weight loss, smoking, stress, anxiety, phobias and MUCH more over the internet as if I was sat in front of you. 

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