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Want to become an Accredited Hypnotherapist?

There are many reasons why you may be considering learning the skill of hypnotherapy.  You may want to consider this course if;

  • You may be looking for a new, rewarding career and are considering setting up in business to help others as a professional Hypnotherapist.

  • You are already in the field of personal development or a holistic health practitioner looking to augment your skills by adding another tool to your tool box.

  • You have previously completed a diploma in hypnotherapy and are looking to brush up on your skills, learn new skills or get some more practical, hands on training.

  • You have a real interest in self-development and human behaviour and are looking to discover more about yourself and others.

Whatever your reason, on completion of this course you will have the skills and ability to be a fully qualified, professional, competent clinical hypnotherapist.

Course Start Dates:

April 2020 - Places available (Please get in touch for details)

This course will be running over weekends - 16 days in total

Module dates for next course*

Module 1 -  April 18 / 19th

Module 2 - May 2 / 3rd

Module 3 - May 16 / 17th

Module 4 - May 30 / 31st

Module 5 - June 27 / 28th

Module 6 - July 11 / 12th

Module 7 - July 25 / 26th

Module 8 - August 8 / 9th

*Please note that as the course builds module upon module, if you are unable to attend any of the above weekends you will be able to catch up and time will be set aside for you to do this. 

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This accredited Advanced Hypnotherapy Practitioner course is fully accredited and is delivered by experienced Hypnotherapist Adel Houten along with Associate Trainers ALL of whom have ran their own very successful hypnotherapy practices.

We realise that people from many back grounds come on our courses have different commitments and availability to study.  Many are looking to re-train around their current job or whilst looking after family.  Others however, may be able to submerge themselves fully into the training.  With this in mind, we offer two formats of training; Weekend and Intense.  The materials and number of tutor led study hours are identical for each course, the only thing that differs between them however, is the pace and the length of time it takes to become fully accredited.

The course is made up of a mixture of guided learning hours (tutor led – 16 days) and home study.  The total number of training hours required to achieve the specific learning outcomes set by the Hypnotherapy Regulatory Forum is 450 hours.

 Call now for details

Hypnotherpy diploma training manchester

Credit Cards accepted and payment plans available.  Enquire today!

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Why Become a Hypnotherapist?

Have you ever wondered what it may be like to train and work as a clinical hypnotherapist?  Many people are not happy in the job they do... we all have an innate desire to help others and being a hypnotherapist enables you to earn money whilst fullfilling this basic human desire.

To hear how I left my job in IT sales to become a qualified hypnotherapist click the video.

Since training in hypnotherapy and becoming a fully qualified hypnotherapist I can honestly say I don't feel like I actually work!  It is very rewarding to be able to help people whilst getting paid - very rewarding both financially and spiritually.