Why Hypnosis is SO effective in helping you QUIT Smoking?

Stop Smoking is easy with hypnosis

It is well known that the majority of smokers dream of giving up the wicked weed but struggle, some their entire life. With them heading out to buy the endless nicotine replacement products or opting for the good old fashioned cold turkey is it any wonder why so many people fail?

Nicotine replacement products wean you off the nicotine until you can go it alone. However, nicotine leaves the body approx 72hours after distinguishing your last fag, so if its only about nicotine addiction shouldn’t you be smoke free after 3 days of cold turkey? WRONG! Every smoker knows this is not the case.

Smoking is a mental addiction (or habit) NOT a physical one. The habit lies in the subconscious mind, so no matter how much you say consciously that you want to quit, you are fighting a difficult battle because the habit is tucked away in your subconscious mind. This is why hypnotherapy is extremely powerful because it deals with the subconscious.

I have helped hundreds of people quit over the last 8 years each one of them amazed at how easy it was. And as an added bonus with the special advanced technique I use, you don’t gain any weight afterwards!

So, if you are one of the millions of people who wish you can quit for good then try a different approach and free yourself from the nicotine trap!

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