Why become a Hypnotherapist?

Many people ask me 'what made you become a hypnotherapist?' And yes, I suppose its bit random... how does one become a hypnotherapist? Here's my story...

I was working as a Network Sales Executive selling IT networks and infrastructure. I was BORED! yes, the money was OK, but I remember knowing that it wasn't something I could see myself doing for the rest of my life. I remember one day being sat at my desk having just made a good sale and I thought to myself "So what I sold a server... I haven't helped anyone!"

At that exact moment I got an email on my screen about hypnotherapy training weekend in London and not normally a spontaneous creature... I actually booked on it!

I went to City University In London and sat in an auditorium with a number of other people and learned all about hypnosis... self hypnosis to be exact. I loved it! That was 14 years ago and I have had a successful practice ever since! In fact, I don''t consider myself to be a worker any more... going to work is a pleasure, it doesn't feel like work because I am able to do what I do... help people and get paid well for it.

I have been mastering my craft for years and NOW is the time to share that with others. I have set up MindMasters Academy and I am offering fully accredited hypnotherapy practitioner training in Manchester. So, if you would like to see if a career as a hypnotherapist is something that YOU might enjoy... take the jump like I did! visit here to discover more....

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