Why bother to 'cope' with anxiety?

Many people are unaware that one in four people will suffer the effects of mental ill health..ie stress, anxiety or depression. And those figures are rising!

Think about the people around you, friends, people at work… a quarter of them are doing a great job of ‘coping’ everyday… But ‘coping’ with a mental health condition takes an awful lot of energy and robs many people of the amazing life they could potentially be leading. Why just cope when you don’t have to?

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The problem is that the first port of call for many is the local GP. Usually, dependent upon which GP you see you may be offered pills to help with the symptoms. Although they can be a life saver when symptoms are very acute, they only mask an underlying problem, they don’t get rid of it and many people end up taking their prescription for many years never actually getting to the root of the problem and rid of the symptoms.

When you have stress, anxiety or even panic attacks it is an absolutely normal function of the body. There is a ‘perceived’ threat on a subconscious level and the body reacts by going into the fight or flight mode to enable you to ‘fight’ whatever is going to harm you or to ‘run away’ from it… others ‘freeze’ and in effect play dead… otherwise known as procrastinating. In this state stress hormones are released into the body which build up over time and can lower the immune system as well as causing physical symptoms such as palpitations, shaking etc. The problem is… there is no threat! And the person doesn’t run… nor fight and the person gets caught in a web of anxiety feeling helpless.

Many people are offered counselling or CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) which although useful for some they don’t help others. This is because they are therapies which operate very much on a conscious level and rarely deal with the subconscious, which is where the problem lies. Hypnotherapy is an amazing technique to get rid of the ‘perceived threat’ in such a short space of time. I’ll give you an example… I had a client who became extremely anxious around groups. When near a group of people she didn’t know she would begin to panic. She knew logically that there was no threat… but this reaction persisted… she couldn’t stop it! She tried to manage the symptoms with other techniques which was exhausting, and still the problem remained. Upon communicating with her subconscious mind whilst in hypnosis we discovered a memory from when she was 3 years old. She was sat on a little bike outside her house , the bike was a novelty bike… some strangers walked past her and stopped, towering over her they laughed… at that time she thought that they were laughing AT her… her little self was saying “OMG there is something wrong with me, people are going to laugh at me” When looking at the memory with her adults perspective, she realised that they were laughing affectionately, saying she looked cute! She got it wrong, and when she brought that to conscious awareness and made sense of it the fear went! There was no need for it!

So if you or anyone you know are suffering with anxiety don’t just manage the problem.. you can get rid of it with hypnotherapy!

Adel Houten offers hypnotherapy and EFT sessions in Manchester and specialises in anxiety. Call for a free consultation!

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